Gen X and Healthcare 2023

How Providers and Marketers Can Connect With the ‘Sandwich Generation’

Gen Xers are becoming frequent fliers of the healthcare system, as many are responsible for taking care of themselves and loved ones. They’re also tech-savvy yet thoughtful about which digital health tools to use. With Gen X patients bridging the gap between traditional and digital, healthcare providers and marketers must identify the most effective ways to build trusted relationships with this hybrid group.

Key Question: How can marketers use a mix of digital and traditional tools to help Gen Xers address their healthcare needs?

KEY STAT: Gen X consumers use a mix of in-person and digital channels to seek out health-related information, access care, and engage with providers.

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First Published on Oct 12, 2023


Rajiv Leventhal


Jeane Han
Senior Researcher
Lisa Phillips
Principal Analyst, Digital Health

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