Gen Alpha will be more diverse than the rest of the US population

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Children will make up 13% of the US population this year, making the future Gen Alpha about 46 million strong so far, per the US Census Bureau. Within that group, 26% will be Hispanic, compared with 19% for the general population. Some 7% will be two or more races, versus 3% for the overall population.

Beyond the chart: Advertisers have studied how to market to Gen Z, but are they ready for Gen Alpha? Nearly 17% of US children under 12 already use a smartphone at least once per month, and they’re heavy YouTube users while teens turn to TikTok, per our estimates.

When it comes to kids media, focus on digital entertainment. Invest in platforms like YouTube, and understand this cohort already has a diverse set of experiences.

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Methodology: Data is from the March 2018 US Census Bureau report titled "US Population Projections: 2017-2060." Projections are produced using a cohort-component method beginning with an estimated base population for July 1, 2016. Estimates take into account the base population of the US, plus births and net international migration, minus deaths.

First Published on Feb 7, 2023