Game developers focus on desktops and laptops

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More than 80% of video game developers worldwide were making games for PCs as of May 2022. For console and mobile games, that figure was closer to 40%.

Beyond the chart: The gaming industry is struggling with a slowdown in console sales, due to supply chain issues and consumers’ inflation concerns. That leaves an opening for PC gaming, where gamers can play on desktops or laptops they likely already own. It also means gaming companies need to diversify their revenue streams with ads and subscriptions.

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Methodology: Data is from an August 2022 Perforce report titled "Game Development Trends & Forecast." 313 professionals from the video game development industry worldwide were surveyed during January-May 2022. Of the respondents, 35% work directly for a game studio, 34% work outside the game industry but have their own game project, 22% were studio owners, and 9% were contractors for game studios.

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