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Digital Sales Soar as Total Retail Suffers

Executive Summary

Digital retailers are among the few businesses to benefit from the coronavirus crisis and the resulting changes in consumer behavior.

What is the impact of COVID-19 on retail in Western Europe this year?

The coronavirus pandemic has been a disaster for the retail sector across Western Europe, with physical stores hit especially hard. We estimate that overall retail sales in the region will drop 9.9% this year, to $3.776 trillion (€3.372 trillion).

How does France’s retail landscape compare with Western Europe?

In France, the retail industry looks set to suffer an even greater decline. We predict that total retail sales in the country will fall 11.9% in 2020, from $718.03 billion (€641.27 billion) to $632.58 billion (€564.96 billion).

How much will consumers in France spend on ecommerce in 2020?

Ecommerce has fared better than retail overall. The strict lockdown has led many consumers in France to shop more online or to buy goods like groceries digitally for the first time. We expect retail ecommerce sales to total $77.27 billion (€69.01 billion) this year, compared with $66.00 billion (€58.94 billion) in 2019.

Where does mobile commerce fit in?

Mobile purchases still make up a small percentage of retail ecommerce sales in France but are growing quickly. In 2019, mobile sales amounted to $23.17 billion (€20.69 billion), and last December, we forecast 2020 growth at 16.1%. Now, we expect mobile sales to rise by nearly 24%, to $28.67 billion (€25.60 billion).

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report highlights our most recent forecasts for total retail, ecommerce and mcommerce sales and digital shoppers and buyers in France. It also looks at the pandemic’s influence on retail trends.

KEY STAT: Retail ecommerce sales in France will grow by an estimated 17.1% in 2020, buoyed partly by the rise in online shopping during stay-at-home measures in March and April.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Coronavirus Darkens the Economic Picture
  3. Western Europe Retail Sales
  4. Total Retail Sales in France
  1. Retail Ecommerce Sales in France
  2. Retail Mcommerce Sales in France
  3. Digital Shoppers and Buyers
  4. Key Trends in Retail Ecommerce
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  2. Read Next
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  4. Media Gallery

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