The five categories where Amazon will increase its ecommerce sales share

Amazon’s share of total ecommerce sales will increase slightly in five categories in 2024, the largest gain being in health and personal care. But these gains won’t be enough to increase the company’s share of the overall US ecommerce market beyond 38%.

  • Amazon will gain the most share in health and personal care. This category will likely be a major focus for Amazon going forward. Not only is it growing fast, but Amazon’s share of sales is still relatively low compared with other categories. Plus, Amazon's business model of fast and free shipping (with no order minimum for Prime members) is ideal for shoppers in the category.
  • Amazon’s share of online sales of computer and consumer electronics is nearing 50%. We expect Amazon’s category sales to surpass $88 billion this year—more than twice Apple’s forecasted retail ecommerce sales ($41.60 billion) and over five times greater than Best Buy’s ($15.68 billion). Amazon is a massive consumer electronics retailer, and it has made significant investments in branded electronics like Echos, Kindles, and Fire TV devices.

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