Fintech Trends to Watch in 2024

Opportunities in GenAI and Parametric Insurance Lie Ahead, Though BaaS Challenges Loom

Headwinds like decreased funding and regulatory scrutiny of banking as a service (BaaS) will make 2024 an uphill battle for fintech. But innovative startups and vendors will turn the home insurance crunch and banks’ struggles with generative AI (genAI) deployment into opportunities.

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Table of Contents

  1. Parametric insurance will transform P&C risk assessment in 2024
  2. Risky BaaS partnerships will test the trust between FIs and fintechs
  1. Tech providers will find a lucrative niche in helping banks deploy genAI
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Maria Elm, and Tiffani Montez


Suzy Davidkhanian
Principal Analyst, Retail & Ecommerce
Amy Rotondo
Director, US Research

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