The evolving marketing technology stack

Marketing technology is the most important and difficult purchasing decision. CMOs rely on marketing technology to justify investment, navigate privacy regulations, and prove revenues have grown. Seven out of 10 marketing leaders plan to invest more in marketing technology to help reach their revenue goals, per a June 2022 report by CMO Council and KPMG.

Privacy concerns and changes to tracking are complicating the landscape. B2B CMOs need to consider identity resolution solutions in their stack. With the deprecation of third-party identifiers and new data privacy initiatives, CMOs will need to have the right technology in place before Google phases out third-party cookies in Chrome and mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) on its Android devices.

It’s necessary to have—and show—marketing ROI. CMOs must explain to financial executives what will deliver ROI—and how potential marketing budget cuts could impact their top line. It’s not enough to use marketing technology to execute campaigns; they must show marketing’s value to continue to produce results.