Email Marketing StatPack 2018

Benchmarks and Trends

About This Report
This Statpack provides a visual overview of email marketing benchmark data from global email service providers. It takes a deep dive into how marketers are evolving their email efforts beyond blast messages in the wake of GDPR and other tech challenges.

Executive Summary

Email marketing is a tried-and-true digital channel that marketers, across all sectors, can use to engage their audience. But it must be managed strategically to maximize return.

This StatPack provides marketers with a visual overview of email marketing benchmark data from global email service providers. The following metrics will be included:

  • Open rate, clickthrough rate, click-to-open rate
  • Deliverability and engagement metrics
  • A look at benchmarks by industry, geography and device
  • An analysis of changes in benchmarks over time

Additionally, this content takes a deep dive into how marketers are evolving their email efforts beyond blast messages. Other relevant areas covered in this year’s StatPack are:

  • GDPR, email permission and what impact the law has on list health practices and deliverability
  • The need to consider the mobile experience on email and thinking cross-device
  • Data-driven email tactics such as behavior-based triggers, segmentation and personalization
  • Managing email marketing and crafting a holistic, channel-agnostic journey for the audience
  • Advanced technology and design implementations like artificial intelligence and interactive functionality

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17expert perspectives

Insights from industry and company leaders.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. eMarketer Interviews
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Interviewed for This Report

Harris Beber
Interviewed July 9, 2018
Forest Bronzan
Elite SEM
Executive Vice President, CRM, Email and Creatives Services
Interviewed July 9, 2018
Brent Christensen
Director, Digital Marketing for Email and Push
Interviewed July 16, 2018
Jason Conley
Senior Director, Sales and Solution Consulting
Interviewed July 26, 2018
Stephen Driscoll
Vice President, Marketing
Interviewed July 12, 2018
Kyle Henderick
Yes Lifecycle Marketing
Senior Director, Client Services
Interviewed July 24, 2018
Amy Kilpatrick
Director, Marketing Operations
Interviewed July 28, 2018
Matt McGowan
Interviewed July 19, 2018
April Mullen
Director, Consumer-First Marketing Adoption
Interviewed July 17, 2018
Allen Nance
Global GMO
Interviewed August 1, 2018
Justin Orgel
Cheetah Digital
Director, Marketing Consulting
Interviewed July 25, 2018
Victoria Vaynberg
Interviewed July 19, 2018
Amber Cooleen
IEEE GlobalSpec
Director, Marketing
Interviewed July 18, 2018
Tilman Eberle
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Interviewed July 10, 2018
Jonathan Kateman
Constant Contact
General Manager
Interviewed July 28, 2018
Tom Sather
Return Path
Senior Director, Research
Interviewed July 24, 2018
Linda Uslaner
IEEE GlobalSpec
Senior Director, Product Management
Interviewed July 18, 2018


Jillian Ryan


Caroline Cakebread
Junior Analyst
Natalie McGranahan
Senior Researcher and Taxonomy Manager
Corey McNair
Forecasting Analyst
Lauren Fisher
Principal Analyst

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