Data Drop: 6 Charts on Ecommerce in Europe by Geography

Zooming in on the Western, Central, Nordic, Baltic, and Balkan Regions

This year, we debuted ecommerce sales projections for 24 new countries in Europe, bringing our total to 30. This vastly expanded view allows for a more nuanced understanding of regional dynamics within the massive European market. Here are five charts that explore Europe by region and a final chart tallying our new top 10 list for ecommerce sales by country.

The majority of the largest ecommerce markets in Europe are in the westernmost region

Europe will produce well over $800 billion in ecommerce sales in 2024. Nearly four dozen counties will combine to reach this total. Many of the largest markets are in the westernmost part of the continent, which boasts some of the most advanced economies in the world. The UK will lead Europe in retail ecommerce sales by a wide margin, as it has for many years.

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First Published on Jun 13, 2024