Data Drop: 5 Charts You Need to Understand How Consumers Are Using Technology to Monitor Their Health and Wellness

The digitization of the healthcare industry means many consumers can monitor their own health and wellness, which is leading to a growing market for digital health devices. Below are five charts that show how health-conscious consumers are using digital devices.

Health Apps and Trackers Gain Ground

Digital health tech has progressed significantly from a mere step-tracking gadget to tools that can aid in the management of chronic diseases and irregular heartbeats, and track medication compliance. During the coronavirus pandemic, the availability of health apps and trackers surged, leading to a rise in usage among US adults, who still cite privacy as a concern, but more people are becoming comfortable with using these apps.

In 2021, 64% of US adults expressed concern over the privacy of their health information, per a September 2021 Morning Consult survey. But the percentage of concerned adults has dropped to 56%, according to Morning Consult’s January 2023 survey, which found that 40% of US adults currently use health apps—a 6% increase from 2018, while wearables usage has grown by 8%. Moreover, 35% of Americans reported using wearables.

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