Data Drop: 5 Charts on Children’s Internet Habits

Digital Video and Gaming Are Top Activities for Young Internet Users

In 2024, 36.2 million children ages 11 and under will use the internet—around 12 million more users than in the 12-to-17 age group. Members of this young group, increasingly referred to as Gen Alpha, have a great deal of unstructured time, much of which they spend watching digital video or gaming. Here are five charts that take a closer look at their digital habits.

Children are more likely to use a tablet than CTV

This year, 80.0% of internet users ages 11 and under will use a tablet at least once a month, while 59.6% will use connected TVs (CTVs). Tablets offer more flexibility for children, freeing up other screens for parents and siblings, and providing entertainment on the go.

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