Data Drop: 5 Charts on Black Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Advertising

Relevance and Representation Are Key

Black consumers in the US are digitally savvy, eager to try new products, and more receptive to advertisements and commercials than the non-Black population. This makes Black consumers valuable and influential allies of advertisers who understand where and how to reach this audience.

Black consumers are more likely to view advertisements favorably than the general US population

About 64% of Black consumers feel that advertisements keep them informed of products they need or would like to have, according to MRI-Simmons’ February report, “The State of Black American Consumers 2024.” Additionally, Black consumers are around 10 percentage points less likely to judge advertisements harshly on social media. Roughly 56.2% of Black consumers think brands try too hard to look cool on social media compared with 67.6% of non-Black consumers.