Data Drop: 3 Charts on B2B Social Media Marketing by Generation

The Generational Divide in Social Media Marketing Success

Social media marketing success varies across generations of marketers. The following three charts explore how younger generations are more confident in and adept at integrating social media into their marketing strategies. Understanding these generational differences can help B2B marketing leaders tailor training and resources to boost their teams' strengths and ensure more consistent social media marketing outcomes.

Younger marketers have an edge in social media marketing

B2B buyers, increasingly from younger generations, are drawn to social media platforms. And 74% of B2B marketers worldwide have seen an increase in buyers using social media for B2B research and decision-making, according to a February 2024 Anteriad and Ascend2 survey.

However, younger B2B marketers reported a larger increase in social media use among their audiences, indicating they are more aligned with the digital habits of today’s buyers. They recognize social media as a critical touchpoint in the B2B buyer’s journey, leading to better engagement and higher revenue growth.