D2C Brands 2023

Established Brands Now Dominate Digital Natives in D2C Ecommerce

Several factors have caused upheaval in D2C ecommerce recently: an ecommerce slowdown, rising costs of digital ads, the higher cost of capital, and growing competition from established brands. Once-disruptive digitally native brands now struggle to grow profitably and must develop new marketing strategies and sales channels to adapt.

Key Question: What are the best strategies for D2C brand growth amid rising costs and diminishing profits?

KEY STAT: Established brands will account for 79.4% of the forecast $169.39 billion in D2C ecommerce sales this year, and they will grow nine times as fast as digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs).

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    Table of Contents

    1. Established brands—not DNVBs—dominate D2C ecommerce sales.
    2. Established brands are outpacing DNVBs’ D2C ecommerce growth.
    3. Established brands will also be the top-performing D2C brands in 2023.
    4. CPGs and cosmetics brands are gaining momentum among DNVBs.
    1. D2C brands are now adopting traditional retail strategies to grow.
    2. Dollars are shifting away from Facebook following iOS disruption.
    3. Rising social ad prices have become prohibitively expensive for many DNVBs.
    4. D2C brands must seize new digital ad opportunities.
    1. D2C brands need to adapt their playbook to drive future brand growth.
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    Interviewed for This Report

    Candice Collison
    Of an Origin
    Founder and CEO
    Interviewed March 26, 2023
    Sara Livingston
    Marketing and Analytics Strategist and Consultant
    Interviewed February 24, 2023

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