The Cybersecurity Risk

What Consumers Fear and How to Protect the Brand

About This Report
Cyberattacks have far-reaching effects on how a consumer perceives and interacts with a brand. That means cybersecurity is no longer just IT's problem: A company's strategy requires a concerted effort across all departments.

Executive Summary

A company’s cybersecurity strategy affects brand perception and consumers’ willingness to trust and engage with brands. Consumers lack faith as many expect that a data breach involving their information is inevitable. As the number of cyberattacks grows, departments across a company will need to participate in responses to these assaults.


  1. What do brands need to know around market forces that could disrupt business?
  2. What are companies and consumers thinking and doing?
  3. How can brands use this information to better communicate what they’re doing to mitigate risk?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? A breakdown of cybersecurity spending that allows companies to benchmark their own outlays. Also, strategies companies can use to mitigate cybercrime without losing consumer trust.

KEY STAT: Cybersecurity spending will grow over the next few years, as 69% of IT execs expect to increase cybersecurity outlays in 2022, while only 15% plan a decrease.

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