Crypto Payments: On-Demand Webinar

Worldwide crypto transaction payment value is expected to hit $10.40 billion in 2022, growing 70.5% year over year (YoY), per Insider Intelligence forecasts. While crypto payment adoption remains extremely low, and near-term hurdles remain significant, continued industry investment and competitive pressures will boost adoption across several key use cases through 2023.

This webinar will discuss:

  • US crypto payment user growth and global crypto transaction value growth trends, as well as growth drivers and inhibitors
  • The top crypto use cases ranked by maturity and how they are impacting payments incumbents’ revenues, competitive positioning, and performance
  • How payments incumbents are adapting to and driving change, and what they should do to best harness crypto payment opportunities

Click here to watch the webinar.


  • David Morris, Principal Analyst, Financial Services
  • Grace Broadbent, Analyst, Financial Services

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