Connected Cars 2022

Consumer Enthusiasm Is Opening the Door for Advertisers and Other Players—Albeit Slowly

About This Report
By 2026, almost three-quarters of drivers will be behind the wheel of a connected car, unlocking massive content potential for advertisers and other ecosystem players. Take a look at what’s ahead for the industry.

There’s a new way for brands and marketers to capture the attention—and dollars—of consumers coming down the pike. Connected, electric, and autonomous cars are changing the way drivers behave behind the wheel—a nascent opportunity to pay attention to and prepare for. Scroll through the 14 slides below for insight on what you need to know now, including:

  • Growth forecasts for connected cars, EVs, and autonomous rideshare
  • How driver behavior is changing
  • What consumers want in connected and electric cars
  • Key opportunities for marketers and retailers

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Jessica Lis


Chris Keating
Director, Research
Oscar Orozco
Director, Forecasting
Courtney Varela
Senior Researcher, Client Requests
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Principal Analyst

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