ChatGPT and Generative AI in the Creator Economy

Reality, Hype, What’s Next, and How to Prepare

Executive Summary

Generative AI has the power to revolutionize and expand the creator economy. Already, brands and creators are experimenting with ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, and other models to develop creative briefs, text, video thumbnails, and images. The social platforms and creator economy startups are rolling out generative AI tools. But generative AI won’t replace creators: The technology still has major limitations—and it can’t beat the value creators bring to brand partnerships.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Where will generative AI have the biggest impact?
    3. What can generative AI do for creators and brands?
    1. What are its limitations?
    2. How can brands and marketers prepare for AI’s rise?
    3. Insider Intelligence Interviews
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    Interviewed for This Report

    Ricky Ray Butler
    Interviewed February 27, 2023
    Avi Gandhi
    Partner with Creators
    Interviewed February 23, 2023
    Laura Puddu
    Interviewed February 27, 2023


    Jasmine Enberg


    Yoram Wurmser
    Principal Analyst

    "Behind the Numbers" Podcast