ChatGPT and Generative AI

Our Guide to 2023's Most Talked-About Technology—and Where It'll Have the Biggest Impact

Executive Summary

ChatGPT brought generative AI into the limelight when it hit 1 million users in five days. But how valid is the buzz around ChatGPT? We unpack what you need to know: How does generative AI work? Who are the key players? Is ChatGPT ready for prime time? And most importantly: How will the technology change the way we do business?

Key Question: What is generative AI, and what does ChatGPT’s blockbuster launch mean for the future of media and marketing?

KEY STAT: OpenAI’s ChatGPT reached a million users at lightning speed—faster than many other breakthrough apps of the past five years.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. 1. What is generative AI?
  3. 2. What is the market size for generative AI?
  4. 3. What is ChatGPT?
  5. 4. What are ChatGPT’s limitations?
  6. 5. How does generative AI work?
  1. 6. Who are the key players in generative AI?
  2. OpenAI: the early leader.
  3. OpenAI supports an ecosystem of applications.
  4. 7. How will generative AI change creative businesses in 2023?
  5. 8. What will be the biggest business impact from generative AI in 2023?
  6. Microsoft and Google seem headed for a broader showdown over generative AI.
  1. 9. What’s ahead for generative AI?
  2. Key takeaways for media and marketing companies.
  3. Sources
  4. Media Gallery

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First Published on Feb 2, 2023


Yoram Wurmser, and Daniel Van Dyke


Jessica Lis
Analyst, Technology
Wendy Malloy
Director, Report Editing

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