Boomers want tech to help them manage money, stay informed

Key stat: The top three tasks that boomers Internet users find technology important for are managing money (cited by 73% of respondents), staying informed with current events (69%), and keeping their home secure (59%), per an October 2023 Razorfish survey conducted by GWI.

Beyond the chart:

  • Technology plays less of a role in how boomers game, learn new skills, and take care of their mental health.
  • Nearly three-quarters (73%) of boomer Internet users listed Amazon among their top 10 favorite brands, 54% listed Google, and 47% said Apple was among their top 10, per the survey.
  • Some 44.7 million baby boomers will buy something online this year, the lowest number of any generation, per our November 2023 forecast. This suggests the in-store experience remains quite valuable to boomer shoppers.

Use this chart:

  • Understand where boomers are—and aren’t—open to technology in their lives.
  • Assess where and how to target baby boomers online.

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Note: Respondents were asked "How important, if at all, is technology in the following aspects of your life?"

Methodology: Data is from the December 2023 Razorfish report titled "Digital Boomers: The truth behind marketing's most valuable but neglected segment" conducted by GWI. 1,003 US adults ages 57-75 were surveyed online during October 2023.

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