Beleaguered Dish struggles to recover from cyberattack

The news: Dish Network is still trying to resolve an outage caused by ransomware as it struggles to roll out its Boost Infinite service, per Fierce Wireless.

Dish’s broken systems: The entire Dish Network website redirected visitors to a temporary maintenance page Wednesday, per KSNT

Dish’s Boost Mobile prepaid service and Boost Infinite postpaid website state, “We are experiencing a systems issue that our teams are working hard to resolve.”

  • Various delays have pushed back Boost Infinite’s launch, impeding expansion into 25 new markets.
  • Boost Mobile, which runs on the networks of T-Mobile and AT&T, has customers struggling to activate and adjust accounts on the AT&T network.
  • Dish’s stock hit a 14-year low after the cyberattack occurred February 23. 

The problem: It’s been weeks since the attack and Dish has not issued any statements on how much ransom was demanded, whether the company paid the ransom request, or how long the attackers were inside the network, according to the Associated Press.

Our take: We’re seeing how ransomware attacks can have long-term effects on companies and prevent them from expanding their services, hurting their bottom line.

Dish, which is a player in highly competitive video and mobile segments, could see a user exodus whittle down its subscriber numbers unless it can figure out how to resolve the various issues facing its services. 

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