B2B SEO and the Impact of AI on Organic Search

Balancing Innovation and Fundamentals in the Age of AI

About This Report
AI is revolutionizing B2B SEO, but the fundamentals still apply. By strategically using AI and focusing on SEO content, B2B marketers can leverage AI tools to stay ahead of algorithm changes and AI-powered models.

AI is transforming B2B SEO. But the core principles of SEO—providing valuable content, optimizing technical aspects, and understanding user intent—remain unchanged. By strategically integrating AI tools and maintaining a focus on quality and relevance, B2B marketers can enhance their SEO efforts and achieve better marketing performance.

Key Question: What impact will AI have on B2B SEO, and how can marketers adapt their strategies?

Key Stat: Two-thirds (65%) of respondents who use AI-generated content saw an improvement in their SEO results.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Why it’s important to stay on top of this topic
    3. The state of B2B SEO in the age of AI
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    Interviewed for This Report

    Tom Bianchi
    SVP, Product and Solutions Marketing
    Interviewed May 1, 2024
    Michael Brenner
    Marketing Insider Group
    Interviewed April 24, 2024
    Andrea Cruz
    Senior Director, Client Partner
    Interviewed May 2, 2024
    Greg Kihlström
    Principal and Chief Strategist
    Interviewed April 24, 2024
    Lily Ray
    VP, SEO Strategy and Research
    Interviewed May 2, 2024

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