B2B marketers are taking a cautious approach toward data investments

After years of stronger growth during the pandemic, increases to marketing data outlays are slowing thanks to tighter marketing budgets, privacy regulations, and a need to show ROI.

B2B marketing data spending will reach $3.74 billion in 2023.

  • The YoY growth rate in 2023 will be roughly half of what it was in 2022. Macroeconomic conditions, shifting buyer dynamics, and privacy concerns will contribute to this slowdown. We expect the YoY growth rate to increase to 3.8% in 2025 as the economy improves and other concerns are mitigated. That year, marketing data spend will be just shy of $4 billion.

B2B marketing data and martech are inextricably linked.

  • This forecast complements our martech spending forecast. Many of the same factors that affect marketing data spend also influence martech spending. Martech investments are often centered around data needs. If there’s slower growth for martech spending, marketing data spending will slow correspondingly.

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