Authenticity drives Brooklinen’s paid social success

Brooklinen is putting an emphasis on authenticity and relatable, real-world experiences in its paid social creative.

“Authenticity is part of our brand in general,” Jasmine Rayonia, Brooklinen’s director of growth marketing, said during our recent “How to Crush the 2023 Holiday Season With Shopping Ads” Tech-Talk Webinar. “It’s super important to stay in touch with what matters to consumers in their lives and really speak to them.”

The company’s claim as “the internet’s favorite sheets” and its cult following underscore the power of resonating with consumers in a crowded home market.

Taboo topics: Brooklinen’s social ad about “night sweats” spoke to what Rayonia initially considered “gross,” but later thought “it’s a human experience, something that everyone goes through.”

  • Tackling a sensitive issue gave Brooklinen the opportunity to address how its products could solve it.
  • Consumers responded well to its spin-off tagline, “Cool sheets for hot nights.”

Community speaks: Hopping on TikTok trends like the “Sunday reset” allowed Brooklinen to achieve two key objectives: emotional connection and effective product promotion.

  • Brooklinen tapped creator partners to tell the story of a relaxing Sunday that sets the tone for a positive week ahead.
  • 39% of TikTok users said that lifting spirits is a key factor when deciding to buy a product, according to a February 2022 study by Material.
  • Rayonia expects Brooklinen to use a similar message for New Year’s resolutions. “We’re able to speak to audiences who are thinking about [refreshing their home] or maybe even inspire ones who weren’t thinking about it,” she said.

Guiding gift-giving: These lessons in authenticity are some that Brooklinen plans to apply toward the expanding holiday shopping season.

  • 11% of consumers began their holiday shopping in July, according to Bazaarvoice, pointing toward even earlier and longer awareness and consideration phases.
  • Being intentional about bonding with your customers is key during these phases, said Rayonia. “It goes back to really understanding the people that we’re targeting, what their needs are, how to meet them, and how our products meet them,” she said.

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