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The forecast is sunny. While people are clearly being careful, 63% are still excited about and plan on traveling this year, according to National Public Media (NPM) and Veritonic research.

So how can travel-related brands give consumers the confidence to plan their next family vacation or business trip?

Watch the eMarketer Tech-Talk Webinar featuring Scott Davis, SVP of NPR corporate sponsorship at NPM, and Scott Simonelli, CEO and co-founder of Veritonic, as they reveal key insights from winning brand messages across major airlines, hotels, vacation rental marketplaces, and more.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • What types of sponsor messages compel people to purchase the most, and why
  • Which messages sound the most authentic and promote trust
  • How people want to travel now, from accommodations to transportation


Scott Davis is SVP of NPR corporate sponsorship at National Public Media (NPM). With 25 years of work in radio and media sales at both public and commercial organizations, Scott has helped hundreds of brands share their story through audio. His team fuels the growth of NPR and public media by securing funding from corporate sponsors. In 2018, the business’ network sponsorship team led by Scott was recognized in the Digiday Awards’ “most effective sales team” category.

Scott Simonelli is CEO and co-founder of Veritonic. He built the company to fill a critical gap in marketing: the ability for businesses to make the same kind of data-driven decisions about audio marketing as they do about everything else, so they can maximize the massive opportunity in podcasting, streaming, radio, sonic branding, voice, and more. A pioneer in online testing and optimization, Scott led business development at OrderGroove and helped start online testing pioneer Optimost, leading the company from its inception through its acquisition by Interwoven/HP.

Nancy Taffera-Santos is senior vice president of media solutions and strategy at eMarketer. Nancy has been at eMarketer for over 13 years and oversees the media business, developing programs for leading advertisers. Nancy’s background includes 30 years of sales, marketing, and promotions experience in media, web analytics, and test and measurement hardware. In her downtime, Nancy stays active serving on alumni, nonprofit and trade association boards.

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