Attention Metrics 2023

Big Questions Loom Over Attention’s Bid for Currency Status

Attention metrics are buzzy, and more advertising players are getting in on the trend with each passing quarter. As advertisers wade through complicated attention methodologies and shiny new product pitches, doubts linger.

Key Question: How have attention metrics been integrated into digital advertising, and why aren’t advertisers using them as a currency yet?

KEY STAT: Attention adoption is high, with almost 96% of advertisers worldwide using attention metrics in at least some of their buys this year, according to a February 2023 survey from DoubleVerify.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Attention metrics are the next frontier of digital ad measurement.
    3. Advertisers can help the industry move attention into the mainstream.
    1. Whether attention becomes a currency is still TBD.
    2. Advertisers should explore attention’s potential.
    3. Insider Intelligence Interviews
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    2. Media Gallery

    Interviewed for This Report

    Steve Bagdasarian
    Comscore, Inc.
    Executive Vice President, Growth
    Interviewed July 12, 2023
    Angelina Eng
    Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
    Vice President, Measurement, Addressability, Data
    Interviewed July 14, 2023
    George Ivie
    Media Rating Council (MRC)
    CEO and Executive Director
    Interviewed July 12, 2023
    Helen Lum
    App Science
    Executive Vice President
    Interviewed July 14, 2023
    Dylan Mabin
    Interviewed July 10, 2023
    Ron Pinelli
    Media Rating Council (MRC)
    Senior Vice President, Digital Research and Standards
    Interviewed July 14, 2023
    Michael Schiessl
    eye square
    Interviewed July 7, 2023

    First Published on Aug 22, 2023


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    Senior Analyst
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    Senior Researcher
    Paul Verna
    Principal Analyst
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    Senior Analyst

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