Artificial Intelligence Incubators

Why Canada’s Hubs for AI Research Are Attracting Global Tech

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Canada’s AI scene is hot and centers around a few key cities that are home to universities, startups and large enterprises determined to change digital marketing for the better.

Executive Summary

Canada is among the pioneers when it comes to AI research and development. It’s home to a bustling scene that pairs academia with industry, with the aid of government funding. Machine learning is touching a variety of disciplines, but the marketing field is emerging as the primary area for designing real-world business applications.

Why is Canada attracting global tech companies for artificial intelligence research?

Canada’s AI ecosystem is thriving. Particularly in Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton, clusters of AI innovation have developed to tie private enterprise to academia, where advanced machine-learning research attracts top talent.

What do consumers think of their engagement with artificial intelligence?

Consumer perceptions of their engagement with AI is low, likely due to the behind-the-scenes nature of the technology. Algorithms for pervasive consumer services from Facebook, Google, Amazon and others rely on AI to provide more personalized experiences, but a large portion of consumers do not see the connection.

Which industry uses artificial intelligence effectively?

Applications in marketing have become the most mature business AI deployments. Programmatic advertising channels deliver optimization built with machine learning, chatbots have become a proven method of customer engagement and recommendation engines power better ecommerce experiences.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report looks at the why and how of Canada’s thriving AI scene. It covers the research and development infrastructure, consumer attitudes toward machine learning and the top applications for brands and marketers.

KEY STAT: AI startups cover a range of industries, but marketing is the top area for machine-learning testing and development, with no less than 38 firms working on AI for marketing solutions in Canada.

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  3. Consumer Perspectives on AI
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Interviewed for This Report

Hossein Rahnama
CEO, Founder
Interviewed August 31, 2018
Alfredo Tan
Chief Digital and Innovation Officer
Interviewed September 5, 2018
Dan Code-McNeil
Ada Support
Head, Design
Interviewed August 31, 2018
Kerry Liu
Rubikloud Technologies
Interviewed September 1, 2018
Shawn Lowe
Time and Space Media
Vice President, Growth and Partnerships
Interviewed August 22, 2018
Devon MacDonald
Mindshare Canada
Interviewed September 13, 2018
Andy Mauro
CEO, Co-Founder
Interviewed August 21, 2018
Stephen Menon
Product Leader
Interviewed August 30, 2018
Curtis Stange
ATB Financial
President, CEO
Interviewed September 11, 2018
Diane Tetrault
Senior Director, Product Marketing
Interviewed September 11, 2018
Beth Thouin
Vice President, Marketing
Interviewed August 31, 2018


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