Analyst Take: Future of work in limbo as upheaval rocks industries unevenly

The world is facing an era of uncertainty. War in Ukraine, the threat of recession, ever-increasing inflation. What does it all mean for the job market? In this Analyst Take, we asked analysts from marketing & advertising, retail & ecommerce, connectivity & tech, digital health, and fintech to share their insights on layoffs, hiring freezes, and hiring trends within those industries. Here’s what they discovered and what they see in store for the future of work.

A wave of advertising layoffs has changed which jobs matter the most

By Daniel Konstantinovic

The advertising industry soared to record heights during the pandemic, but now it's going through a rocky period of readjustment.

Inflation and rising interest rates have tightened the wallets of consumers and marketers alike, and spending pullbacks have had a ripple effect of layoffs and sea changes throughout advertising and related industries.

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