Analyst Take: France digital ad spending by industry–Retail in the lead as auto continues to struggle

France’s overall digital advertising market is expected to rise 17.5% this year, with spending reaching €7.75 billion ($9.16 billion). Growth rates will remain in the double-digit percentages until 2025, when over 60% of all media ad spending will come from digital. Retail and CPG industries are especially contributing to the success of digital ad spending. Here’s what’s going on in industries across France. 

Retailers will spend more than €1.69 billion ($2 billion) on digital advertising in France this year, according to our inaugural forecast. The industry will account for nearly one-quarter of all digital ad spending, well ahead of any other category. We explain what’s driving growth in retail spending and unveil our forecasts for ad spending in consumer packaged goods, financial services, automotive, and travel.

Retail is far ahead of other sectors in the amount of ad spend and share of total outlays

The outlook: The retail industry is France’s largest digital ad spender in 2022, and—just like in Germany and the UK—retail ad spending shows the fastest growth. Retailers’ digital allocations this year of €1.81 billion ($2.14 billion) will have doubled compared with €0.9 billion ($1.06 billion) in 2018, and will reach nearly €2.5 billion ($2.93 billion) in 2024. 

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