US sales will account for over half of global Amazon Prime Day sales

We expect relatively strong performance on Prime Day despite a slow start to the year for Amazon and other etailers.

US sales will total $7.76 billion and account for more than 60% of all Prime Day sales. That’s even though Amazon is expanding Prime Day to more international markets. US sales will rise 16.8%, while non-US sales will increase 17.3% to $4.76 billion.

Worldwide Prime Day 2022 sales will total $12.52 billion, a year-over-year (YoY) gain of 17.0%. That’s due to increased deal-seeking behavior from consumers and more favorable mid-July timing this year, compared with the June date last year, to capture back-to-school demand.

Competitors will also get the “Prime Day bump.” We expect them to see a boost in sales comparable to that of Amazon during the two-day event—up 17.8% YoY to $5.22 billion. That works out to a daily spending rate that’s 61.1% higher than the spending rate on an average ecommerce shopping day.

Key Product Categories

Not every brand in every category needs to go all-in on Prime Day—but there are certain categories that would suffer for sitting out.

Consumer electronics will remain the No. 1 Prime Day category. As Amazon’s largest category, it will account for 24.4% of Amazon’s ecommerce sales for the entirety of 2022, while growing by 12.2%. Amazon will push an array of its own products—like the Fire TV Omni Series, the latest Echo, and smart home products like Ring and Blink. And other brands stand to benefit too, as Amazon takes on the heavy lifting of creating demand for these higher-ticket purchases.

Apparel brands should seize the moment.This year’s mid-July Prime Day is better timed for driving back-to-school apparel sales. The return to office, the summer wedding and event season, and the resumption of major summer travel will also drive demand for specific sub-categories of apparel and accessories. Relevant brands can lean in by using Amazon Live to showcase their goods to a willing livestream audience during Prime Day.

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