AI In Healthcare Administration: Here's how digital health firms and big tech are using AI to ease doctors' administrative burden and address the burnout crisis costing the US $4.6B annually

Executive Summary

Physician burnout has permeated the healthcare landscape over the last decade, and providers are seeking ways to combat it— presenting a sizable opportunity for digital health startups and big tech firms, which are increasingly rolling out AI-based tools to help ease clinicians' stress.

Three Key Questions This Report Will Answer:

  • What factors are driving US physicians’ burnout?
  • Which digital health startups and big tech firms have developed AI-based healthcare administration solutions with the ability to most effectively combat US physicians’ feelings of burnout?
  • What factors have stood in the way of adoption of AI-powered healthcare administration tools?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? In this report, Insider Intelligence explores the factors driving burnout among clinicians, and how digital health firms and big tech are developing AI solutions to address the US' physician burnout crisis. We first unpack the key drivers of US physicians' burnout, including the weight of their administrative burden and extensive working hours. Next, we explore four AI-powered solutions we've identified as having the ability to most effectively combat physicians' administrative burden and feelings of burnout. We then detail some of the limitations of current AI-based healthcare administration tools and explore barriers that have prevented some physicians from adopting the tech. Finally, we provide an outlook on what the next iteration of AI-powered healthcare administration solutions could look like.

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Dane Finley

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