AI In Banking: How forward-looking banks are using maturing AI solutions to design both customer- and employee-facing innovations to provide value to users and streamline legacy processes

Executive Summary

AI in banking is maturing, bringing the potential for higher-complexity solutions that generate positive ROI across business segments. To realize the tech's potential, banks need to view AI applications through the lens of consumer and industry adoption in addition to actual business impacts.

Three Key Questions This Report Will Answer:

  • What are the best practices for banks rolling AI out across their businesses?
  • What is the cutting edge of AI in banking as the technology matures?
  • What can banks that nail AI gain by deploying it?

WHAT'S IN THIS REPORT? In this report, Insider Intelligence identifies the AI use cases that are transforming the way FIs operate, the business impact of those use cases, and real-world examples of each. We then discuss the most important risks that banks looking to implement AI solutions should bear in mind. We also examine prominent strategies currently in use by two banks that have invested deeply in AI technology, and provide recommendations for how FIs can best approach implementation of AI-powered digital transformation.

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Gregory Magana

"Behind the Numbers" Podcast