AI In Drug Discovery and Development

How drugmakers are using AI to slash the $3 billion it takes to bring a prescription medication to market

Executive Summary

The pharmaceutical industry has been lagging behind other industries when it comes to digitization, but incumbents are now signaling their interest in digital health—and one of the most disruptive technology incumbents are tapping is AI to slash the time and resources needed to bring a drug to market.

  • How can AI be implemented at various points across drug discovery and development to accelerate and cut costs associated with the process?
  • How are startups developing algorithms to help streamline processes from target discovery through clinical trials, and how are tech giants are using their AI expertise to build inroads into the massive pharma industry?
  • What are the barriers inhibiting AI from reaching its full potential in the drugmaking process?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? In this report, Insider Intelligence outlines the various stages within the drug discovery and development process—noting where AI can be leveraged in to reduce costs and shrink time frames. We provide examples of startups working to employ AI at various stages, and explain how tech giants are making use of their AI brawn to forge alliances with pharma companies. Finally, we highlight the barriers that remain hindering AI's use in drug discovery and development.

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Zoe LaRock

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