Ad costs are narrowing on major streaming platforms

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Key stat: The gap in ad cost per thousand (CPM) between Netflix’s high and Hulu’s low decreased over the last year, resulting in a projected difference of $21.73, according to our forecast.

Beyond the chart:

  • Netflix’s initial CPMs were unrealistically high, noted analyst Paul Verna in our “Streaming Service CPMs 2023” report. Netflix launched with wish-list pricing, then backtracked to appease buyers.
  • We project Netflix’s US ad revenues will hit $1.07 billion next year, and Disney+’s will be around the same at $1.01 billion.
  • Price hikes and password crackdowns have pushed subscribers toward cheaper, ad-supported tiers.

Use this chart:

  • Compare ad costs across major streaming platforms.
  • Understand the last year of streaming ad trends.

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