A 10% Discount? Sure, What Do You Want to Know?

Consumers don’t fully trust retailers with their data. But, they’ll put their reservations aside for the right price.

Roughly seven in 10 internet users surveyed by Blis said that if Amazon offered them a discount, they would share their buying habits from a competitor, such as Target.

Nearly 60% said that a 10% to 30% discount would sway them, while another 41% would only be influenced by a much higher offer. Interestingly, men were more likely to be persuaded by a 10% to 30% discount, while women were more likely to respond to discounts of 40% or more.

Consumers may be willing to trade information about their shopping habits for a deal offered by a retailer or brand, but they're more wary of third-party deals.

Research conducted by Vision Critical found few digital buyers in North America were comfortable sharing their information through third parties. When asked what data US digital shoppers were more likely to share, many respondents to an Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) study conducted last year said gender, race or marital status, more so than financial or medical information.

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