3 key takeaways from our ‘Digital Coupons’ report

The days of clipping coupons from booklets are long gone. Coupons, like so many other paper-based products, have gone digital. Retailers are focused on streamlining the savings experience for consumers to foster brand loyalty and punch up sales. Here are the key takeaways from our “Digital Coupons” report:

1. Millennials want emails.

Yes, emails, that thing everyone kind of hates. Nearly half of US millennial shoppers prefer receiving coupons via email, according to a CouponFollow survey. Mobile app ranked No. 2. Surprisingly, 9% of millennials want to get coupons in the mail.

2. Millennials prefer percent-off coupons.

Some 35% of US millennial shoppers favor percentage discount coupons. Another 19% prefer dollar discounts, while 18% look for free shipping, according to CouponFollow. According to CivicScience, more than half (54%) of US adults across generations agree: percent off is preferable.

3. Digital deals can increase basket size.

Plus, they attract new customers. Brand loyalty fades as prices go up. With cost-conscious millennials looking for the best deals, discounts can introduce customers to new brands and encourage them to buy more.

Couponomics 101: QR codes will play a bigger role in digital wallet and app adoption for in-store shoppers, according to our analyst Suzy Davidkhanian.

  • “Having a digital wallet is critical to coupon use in stores,” said Davidkhanian. “No one wants to carry a paper coupon around with them. That is probably the thing that has changed the most in terms of coupons and consumer expectations. Consumers are looking for easy, and the digital wallet, typically embedded in the retailer's app, helps bridge the gap between online and stores seamlessly.”

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