2020 TV and Video Trends

Our Predictions for What Will Matter to Marketers

Executive Summary

Next year, several streaming services will enter an already crowded market at a time when the TV industry is trying to stop its losses. In other words, the TV and digital video landscape will be noisy.

Where are advertisers looking to allocate more of their video ad budgets?

Connected TV and social video are two growing areas within digital video advertising. US marketers will increase their 2020 connected TV ad budgets 28.0% to $8.88 billion. Social network video ad spending by US marketers will grow 23.2% in 2020 to $13.44 billion.

How will digital video ads be purchased?

An increasing share of video ad dollars will transact programmatically. In 2020, US marketers will spend $27.23 billion on programmatic video, which will account for 47.5% of all US programmatic digital display ad spending.

Will video ad measurement get easier?

No. Marketers will continue to struggle to tie together their campaigns across TV, OTT and social video.

Who will receive the most social video ad dollars?

Facebook will still be the king of social video, but other companies like Snapchat and Twitter are growing their video ad businesses more quickly.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report covers our predictions for key events in 2020 for the TV and digital video industries.

KEY STAT: Facebook’s share of total US social network video ad revenues will drop from 85.4% in 2019 to 84.2% in 2020.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Prediction No. 1: Fragmented Viewership Will Make Reach Harder
  3. Prediction No. 2: Virtual Cable Will Stagnate
  4. Prediction No. 3: TV Advertising Will Have a Good 2020 Before Resuming Its Descent
  1. Prediction No. 4: Ad Buyers Will See Scale from Connected TV
  2. Prediction No. 5: Video Will Represent Almost Half of US Programmatic Ad Spending
  3. Prediction No. 6: Facebook’s Portion of Social Video Ad Dollars Will Decline
  4. Prediction No. 7: Product Placement Will Provide New Opportunities
  1. Prediction No. 8: Universal Video Measurement Will Remain Elusive
  2. Read Next
  3. Media Gallery

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